Brooke Solis
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Welcome to sun-drenched paradise.


A highway hotel of visuals, poetry and teachings. Sit down, let me pour you a drink of my work. Put your feet up, let me serve you an exotic cocktail with a double shot of creative & sexual empowerment.

I’m a poet & creative who wants to paint your world in the hottest, steamiest, deepest colours. So when you walk, you bleed aliveness all over the damn pavement.



This podcast is for the women, begging for a cup of poetry with a shot of truth. An elixir of female sexuality, creative urges, feminism and storytelling. The Tropical Mystic Podcast takes you on a deep journey into those bones of yours, to unearth the forgotten and hidden aspects of your spirituality, creativity and sexuality in a modern day approach.

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she will be too much for many, but to the far and few, she is psychedelic gold.
-brooke solis

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